Rapid 2FA - How it Works

80 percent of security breaches could be prevented with 2FA.

Implement 2FA at your website to safeguard your users.

Rapid 2FA enables you to integrate 2FA to your website in couple of minutes. Our thoughtfully designed products enhances the security of your application and makes it overall safer for your users.

Passwords have been here since a lot of time - almost the start of computing. It's now one of the most fundamental features of the web. However, over time, the Internet has changed drastically and as a result passwords aren't safe anymore.

According to Forrester Research, the online services industry is seeing more than $200bn in annual losses from password breaches.

Your business could be next, so it becomes a necessity to safeguard your users' accounts. Implementing 2FA on the login flow could heavily improve your site's security and elimate potentional hacks.

With tremendous growth in processing power, it now takes only 10 minutes to crack a lowercase password that is 6 characters long. This can be overcomed easily by incorporating 2FA at your website.

Rapid 2FA cuts the trouble while you integrate 2FA at your business website. It takes a couple of minutes to get going with Rapid 2FA.

The integration process is fairly simple. All you need is to copy 3 code snippets from our website to enable 2FA for your users.

Each time a user logins to their account, they will be asked to prove their identity. They can use their email address, phone number or mobile device to authenticate themselves. They can use multiple methods to login through the 2FA.

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