2FA Site

Perfect 2FA security for your business

Protecting your website users should be your top priority. With Rapid 2FA, the long annoying process of 2FA becomes easier and overall better.

Incorporate 2FA at your website with few lines of code without compromising on user experience. Give your users a real sense of security by integrating 2FA with your website.

Avoid account theft, protect website users and their identity. Enhance your website's security.

Enjoy a seamless experience

The 2nd factor authentication process goes smooth, rapid and friction-less with Rapid 2FA. Your users will love the simplicity and experience while logging in their accounts.

Integrating Rapid 2FA at your website is a matter of few minutes. We provide SDK and sample code for widely used programming languages. Besides, our API is fairly simple to use and integrate with your website.

Ready to scale

Rapid 2FA is ready to grow with you. Our aim is to provide you the right and useful tools for your business while you focus on development and continue shaping your business. We're all ready to handle your growth.

We offer our product at fair prices with no hidden costs. Regardless of your usage, our platform would always be budget friendly with you.